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Frequently asked questions

How do I book a pitch to camp with friends?

Every campfire glade under the oak trees is designed to take up to 3 families. If you are booking separately, please pre-decide a name for your group and this will mean that staff will know you are sharing a campfire. You have 2 options when camping with friends.

Option 1: You can either book and pay for the pitches together under a single booking. Just put the first family into the system. Once you have confirmed this booking, you will be asked if you want to add another family. Keep adding families until you have finished.


Option 2: Contact your friends and ask them to book in independently through our online book facility – If you choose to separately book, the system will request a group name. Please agree on a group name in advance and put this in the box when asked during booking.

We pride ourselves on being a peaceful and family focused site - It is also important that you have read and are familiar with our Terms and Conditions as our South Downs National Park Location entails that visitors are not permitted to play electronic music at any time and the site has a quiet policy between 10pm and 8am (for the consideration of other sleeping campers quiet or whisper talking around the campfire is acceptable only after 10pm).

Can I bring my dog?

Yes we do allow up to 2 well behaved dogs per pitch booking at Fox Wood.

  • All dogs must be leaded or kept on a long leash whilst on site at all times (no exceptions) .
  • Please do not make us ask you to lead your dog whilst at Fox Wood.

There are lots of dog walking choices straight from the campsite gate out into the National Park where your dog can be allowed off the lead.

The local farmers have also asked us to let you know that we also currently have sheep and lambs in the fields directly opposite the campsite gate.

The footpaths go through these fields, so please do not let your dog free roam in the sheep fields if you cannot recall and control your dog around farm livestock.

The remaining fields around the campsite also have horses from the local stables, but these do not have public access via footpaths.

There a lots of other paths in the surrounding woodlands and fields to let your dog run free without livestock.

Can I drive to my pitch to unload?

Fox Wood is a car free campsite. We have 2 wheelbarrow bays. 1. Down in the middle of the campsite where the parking stops. 2. By reception where we sell logs. Please always return your wheelbarrow to one of these bays for other campers to use.