COVID-19 Coronavirus Information Updates

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Dear Campers,


Please take the time to read and familiarise yourself with the following  COVID-19 camping guidance (listed below for your reference)

This guidance is intended to provide an overview with regards to what to expect onsite and to assist you with your planning and preparation in order to safeguard yourself and your family whilst camping at Fox Wood this Summer during these challenging times.


Government guidance is advocating that all members of the public maintain social distancing of at least one metre from others (for comprehensive guidance on social distancing please refer to Government legislation which can be found at





General Guidance


  • To comply, Fox Wood will be adhering to the rules and therefore we will be requesting that all camping visitors socially distance from other individuals whilst onsite who are not direct family or social bubble members as required by law.


  • There is lots of space within the woodland here and therefore people will be able to effectively socially distance from other visitors whilst out in the forest at their respective camps without the need of wearing face coverings (unless of course you prefer to wear a face mask for personal, health or safety reasons OR current government regulations have changed since this guidance was posted).


  • We do however politely request that due to the close proximity of the sinks and associated pinch points located around the doors, sinks and communal corridors of the campsite toilets, dish washing and shower facilities that all visitors to the aforementioned services are required to wear a face mask or covering for the consideration and safety of their fellow campers. You may remove a face mask in the communal bathrooms only to wash your face or brush teeth.


  • You are welcome to bring a “porta-potti and toilet tent” to reduce the volume of individuals visiting the toilets/services (Government guidance recommends minimising any unnecessary human contact and therefore by providing your own private “at camp” socially distanced toilet facility you will certainly be doing your bit and following government best practice by reducing the volume of individuals visiting the services).


  •  To avoid the spread of visitor camping areas into other peoples camping areas – toilet tents must be sited within your allocated space.


  • We have a dedicated camp toilet emptying room (strictly no chemicals allowed as our facility is 100% organic).


  • Remember to properly wash your hands with the anti-bac soaps provided upon entering the toilets and dish washing areas.


  • Be considerate to others – if you or any of your family group are showing signs or symptoms of C19 you must not under any circumstance visit the camp site. Government guidance recommends self-isolating at home and contacting a medical professional to book in for a test.  


  • If you or any member of your family group develop symptoms of C19 whilst on site, please maintain social distancing, pack down your camping equipment and leave immediately. Please inform a member of the Fox Wood staff remotely for our records (by text if at all possible please -  with your reasons for leaving  - Contact Fox Wood Mobile Phone Number 07983 151 780. Government guidance recommends self-isolating at home and contacting a medical professional to book in for a test.  


  • Unfortunately  - following guidance 3rd parties or non- booked in guests will not be permitted to visit campers during the pandemic. Track and trace policy does not allow unregistered day visitors.




What to expect with general campsite activities



Check In procedure:


  1. Sign in/register procedures without physical contact

  2. Upon arrival please park at reception where the road is coned off, if the staff are checking in another visitors and the check-in area seems too busy to remain socially distanced then please remain seated and wait patiently within your vehicle until the area is quieter (polite request - one person only to leave vehicle please). Regular visitors will be aware that our reception is an open plan outdoor seating area under a gazebo – for this year a coned area will socially distance the staff from the visitors during the check in procedure.

  3. Once you have Checked in the road cones will be removed and you can drive down and park your vehicle along the central parking track which bisects the woodland. Cars must be parked in close proximity to the neighbouring car (failure to do so will result in the site running out of parking spaces as we not have enough capacity for visitors to socially distance your cars.

  4. Once parked please be patient and if needs be remain seated within your vehicle until human activity around your neighbouring car has ceased  - only exit when it is safe to do so - this will allow for effective social distancing.





Transporting your Camping equipment to your pitch




We have two wheelbarrow stores/bays from which you can obtain a wheelbarrow to help you move your camping equipment from your car to your pitch, one of the wheelbarrow bays is located beside reception and the other is located at the end of the central parking track – both of these wheel barrow stores have sanitizing liquid stations in situ to allow effective hand cleansing to safeguard users and it is imperative that you return your wheelbarrow as soon as you have transported your equipment to one of the two designated wheelbarrow storage areas as other visitors will rely on their usage as well.


Please be considerate during these times as there are not enough barrows for everyone to keep one for the duration of their stay and the barrows are used throughout peoples stay not only to transport camping kit but also to ferry firewood from the log store located beside reception back to their camping sites.





Pitching your tent


  • Each family is allocated a 4x6m space and your tent including guy lines must fit within this space.. 

  • A toilet tent is also permitted this year if it fits within your 4x6m space (no fee applies – free of charge).

  • A Gazebo is allowed if it fits in your 4x6m space (fee applies).

  • Larger tents may require a double area space allocation, but if in doubt please ask!

  • All tents must be pitched at least 4 meters from any fire pit for your own and others safety (polite notice  - group tents only require a 2 metre space between respective tents  - please do not sprawl out into the neighbouring pitch)

  • Respect social distancing - Please pitch 6 meters away from neighbouring tents which are not part of your group.






Visiting the Log Store to purchase Logs, Kindling or Charcoal



The log store will only be open at key times throughout each day. Signage will clearly list the opening times at the entrance to the Log store. To maintain effective social distancing a barrier will be in position to safeguard all parties at the entrance of the Log store and camping visitors will not be permitted to go beyond this point.


Please discuss your purchasing requirements with the campsite staff and they will retrieve your order from within the Log Store. Payment can either be made through means of contactless card payment or by cash.


A Hand sanitizing station will be available at this location.




Visiting the Onsite facilities (toilets, dish washing and showers)  


As previously discussed, please keep your visits to the facilities to a minimum whenever possible through planning to bring your own private toilet tent facilities and by washing up and cleaning your teeth back at camp.


Remember upon entering the services and before leaving the services you should thoroughly wash your hands with the anti-bacterial soap provided and all facility visitors are required by law to wear a face covering for the consideration and safety of their fellow campers.



Children and the Outdoor Play Equipment (Swing and slide)


Parents are responsible for supervising their children within the grounds of the campsite at all times (including the area containing the outdoor play equipment.


A hand sanitizing station will be available (at a child friendly height) in proximity to the play equipment.


Clear signage will explain that:


  • Parents are responsible for supervising their children and they must ensure the children observe social distance


  • Hygiene requirements stipulate that hands must be sanitized on entry and exit from the play area.


  • Parents should not permit children to enter the play area unaccompanied, or when it is already occupied such that social distancing cannot be observed.


  • Parents should report any contamination concerns to the staff located at reception or leave an text message on the Fox Wood mobile number: tel 07983 151 780




Hand Sanitizers and Anti-Bacterial soaps


Hand cleansing for hands and wheel barrow handles are available in the locations discussed.


All of the dispensers will be regularly checked and topped up – if however, you find one that is running low please contact the staff located at reception or leave an text message on the Fox Wood mobile number: tel 07983 151 780







Under the circumstance brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, we (the Fox Wood Team) have gone to considerable measures to protect the staff, our visitors and the local community. Local relationships are important to us all and some are understandably apprehensive about the potential impacts of returning visitors, they need reassurance demonstrated by all of our thoughtfulness.

We would ask you to show the same spirit and please show consideration for our staff, other visitors, and our local community. We would urge everyone to respect social distance and hygiene protocols in all contacts both inside and outside of the campsite.


In these difficult times we are hopeful that our camping visitors will be resourceful, understanding and patient with the circumstance that we find ourselves having to deal with and we look forward to welcoming you all to Fox Wood this summer




The Fox Wood Team

07983 151 780

Fox Wood Wild & Camping

Fox Wood Campsite - Opening Weekend for 2021 commences on Friday 30th April

  • All guests will be encouraged to Social Distance for everyone's safety - however there is lots of space at Fox Wood and the greater surround (we are located within the South Downs National Park), so you can Socially Distance with your family quite easily.

  • We request that all visitors to the wood observe the recommended  separation between persons when using Fox Wood camp toilets or showers and if queuing for facility usage please do so with a space between you and the next guest.

  • Our showers are separate and accessed from external doors and easily suitable for maintaining social distancing.

  • If preferred you could pre-purchase a portable camping toilet for your tent to limit your need to use the camp toilet block. We have a separate camp toilet emptying room with disinfectant spray which can be easily accessed and still maintain your social distance with non-family members. NO CHEMICALS PLEASE. WE'RE A GREEN ECO SITE.

The link below is for a £20 portable camp toilet from Go Outdoors. Great value we think!

  • We also suggest that you bring a tough tub or container suitable for washing up - you can then clean your dishes in privacy back at camp (if preferred to maintain your personal social distancing. )

Remember - think Environment please -  so Eco washing up liquids only. 

​Further guidance - You can certainly camp around a shared campfire with friends, but you must maintain the separation with people not within your family group. 

NOTE: Sorry, but no day visitors on site for current season to keep the campsite low on visitors. You can meet days visitors on walks in the South Downs National Park all around the campsite. Please, no additional cars on site that are not paid for with the main pitch fee.


Continue to observe safe practices.

Check our T&C's page for info regarding refunds and other site terms and conditions.